Check out the video demonstration for the dedicated servers, offered by Understand how acquiring a dedicated server can improve your web site.

Every one of our dedicated servers come in a state of the art datacenter in US, found in downtown Chicago. It provides unparalleled connectivity with the rest of the world and includes great power and cooling solutions. We’ve been equipped to install a specialized internal network, which allows us to promise a 99.9% network uptime.

Each dedicated server is made with hardware elements we have personally tested, to ensure they’ll operate to’s specifications. As the hardware that we feature isn’t the latest completely new thing, it’s proved to be reliable and steady, limiting the likelyhood for incompatibility or hardware failure.

With each dedicated server, you’ll also find many different free of cost bonuses. By having a mixed value of a lot more than $400 USD, you receive 3 distinctive IP addresses, a free of charge billing software, a zero cost domain name reseller account along with’s free of cost Control Panel (obtainable with Debian only).