Solid–State Drives

Your web site will be much faster with solid–state drives

All new desktop computers and laptops have solid–state drives and this is so for a reason. Solid–state disks provide faster read and write speeds, making everything considerably faster. The same will apply to your site in case you host it with – all our cloud web hosting servers feature solid–state drives and the sites hosted with us open faster than those hosted on normal hard disk drives.

And the best of all is that you don’t need to change, fine–tune or modify anything at all to make it load faster.

VPN Access

Safe, anonymous web surfing

If you would like to stay absolutely anonymous while browsing the World Wide Web, our company offers you a simple solution. With each of our cloud web hosting packs, you will be able to obtain Virtual Private Network access. We’ll redirect all your inbound and outbound website traffic through one of our virtual private network data centers, making your electronic footmark untraceable. And you’ll gain VPN access regardless of what web–connected device you are using.

Data Backups

Your site content could be retrieved whenever you want

No site is guarded against hacker attacks. Your site can be affected even by unintended content deletion on your end. With our backup service, we will easily recover all your site content at any moment. Further than regular server backups that we are creating, you can yourself create manual back–up copies of your site content with a single click of the mouse using the File Manager, which is conveniently integrated into your Control Panel. Just generate a ZIP archive of the directory(ies) you wish to manually back up and place it in a location of your preference.

Website Builder

Save money on a web designer – set up your own web site with a click

Save money on high–priced website design services – we give you all the tools that you will need to perform the job yourself. Thanks to the very useful Free Of Charge Web Site Creator, you can build an entire web site with a mouse click using any of the available pre–defined web skins. Then you will be able to incorporate all your custom content. We offer 100+ layouts for both business and personal websites showcasing distinct colour combinations.

Web App Installer

A one–click Web Apps Installer with over forty PHP scripts

Within the Control Panel you can find a quick, one–click Free Web Apps tool, by using which you can install more than 40 cost–free PHP scripts. It will help you bring your personal blog, discussion forum, photo gallery or Internet shop online in a matter of seconds. Just pick out your desired web app, specify some details and click on the Install button. That’s it! Our system will carry out the installation instead of you within seconds. No code to write, absolutely no software to configure.

Email Manager

Your all–in–one e–mail administration software

The point ’n’ click Mail Account Manager will allow you to create brand new e–mailbox accounts, set custom autoresponders, redirect electronic mails, configure email filters and also control the anti–spam protection levels with ease. Also, if you are more skillful, you can make use of the inbuilt SPF protection service.

Web Accelerators

A collection of software tools to improve your web sites’ loading speed

Inside the Control Panel you can find various Website Accelerator Programs intended to speed up your dynamic, database–driven web sites. By caching content, these tools significantly reduce the number of times a database is accessed and hence decrease the server load. This will help your web sites load faster and will decrease the bounce rates. You’ll be able to choose from among a number of web accelerator tools – Memcached, Node.js and Varnish.

Faster Performance

We’ve boosted the digital bandwidth to as much as 10 gigabits per second in order to guarantee much better Internet connectivity and tremendously fast loading speed for your web sites.

Spare machines will streamline routine server maintenance procedures and will minimize aggravating service disturbances and network outages. Also, all user accounts are now hosted on solid–state drives, proven as considerably faster and more dependable as compared to the regular hard disk drives.

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